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Orange Krush & Time Machine       4 x 4 Pulling Team, 6200 lb Class Modified Truck   
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"ORANGfrfrom    from in november o E KRUSH" & "TIME MACHINE"
Information courtesy of David Lindenmayer

I've been getting more than a few requests lately for more information and pictures of 4wd trucks. So to give the viewers what they want I've decided to add a 4wd truck page to my Photos page this month. Since I'm adding the pictures this month I thought a 4wd Photo of the Month would be an approprate way to honor all the 4wd pullers and fans.

This was the original Orange Crush, a 1969 Ford Boss 429.
Photo courtesy of David Lindenmayer
The next truck built was a 1979 body style Boss 429
Photo courtesy of David Lindenmayer
The next truck to come out of the Krush barn was a 1989 Ford with all-new frame and body. This truck was built and driven by Ron Brummel and Dwight Olson. Then came the latest truck a 1992–95 Ford body.
Photo courtesy of David Lindenmayer
The Krush team has added one more truck to the barn this year . It will be known as the Time Machine a 1940 Ford
Photo courtesy of David Lindenmayer
Truck Specs:
   Both trucks are naturally aspirated alcohol Ford hemi motors.
   The Orange Krush has a 648 CID, with 1125 hp
   The Time Machine has a 648 CID, they haven't had on the dino yet to get hp
   Both trucks run SCS transmissions
   Both trucks run SCS ransfer cases
   Both trucks run Rockwell 106 rear differentials
   Both trucks run Crowler clutches.
   Both trucks run in 6200# modified class.
The Motor builder for the Orange Krush is Steve Pfeiffer Of Pfeifer’s Engine Specialties, Inc. Freeport Illinois (815) 233-CAMS, he will be doing the motor work for the Time Machine also as needed.
Pulling Highlights:
   Orange Krush first pull was at St. Louis MO
   The second was an SRO pull in Pecatonica IL which they won
   The first year the truck was out they went to the Pontiac Silver Dome and placed second out of 48 trucks
   In 1994 the Krush team went to the SRO nationals in the Houston Astrodome and won that pull using their small 528 motor against an unlimited class. (The 648 motor had blew up before the pull that year).
   The Krush had the winning pull 6 years running at the Stephenson County fair in Freeport IL from 1994 to 1999
   In 1993 ford motor company asked to have the Orange Krush displayed in the Hilton hotel for the super bowl that year. Next to Big Foot and some concept trucks that Ford had on display. The truck was hauled to the West Coast and back for Ford and expenses paid by Ford.
The Forty Ford will be pulling against the Krush all next year.